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Oil Slick Detection

Using AI, we succeeded in developing technology that can automatically analyze the characteristics of a marine surface from offshore oil fields, thus being able to identify oil slicks. In addition to use in resources development, this technology can also be used to contribute to environmental issues, such as in the detection of illegal waste oil discharged by oil tankers.

The visual inspection of SAR satellite images has allowed skilled experts to understand and map out oil slick locations, but as the amount of satellite data increases, automatic processing capacity is required. To meet this need, we have developed software that can automatically analyze the size, position, and oil quantity, etc., of an oil slick, with an accuracy of 90% or more, all by using AI. This makes it possible to: automatically process the occurrence of oil slicks at any location in the world; respond to the future situation in which SAR satellite data usage will increase; and provide information to the market in a timely manner.